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Fools Errand Music is a Dallas area band consisting of eight talented musicians from all walks of life. We play primarily covers of 90s and 2000s rock, as well as classic and modern pop hits. The band was founded by Wellington James and Jeff Bolte after a fortunate night out landed them on the same dance floor. One late night jam sesh later, and the two formed a group which has grown in size and presence over the years, but has never lost its soul. Their live shows are a must-see for anyone who loves a good time. They bring a contagious energy to the stage that will leave you wanting more.


Patrick Witte - Bass, Guitar

Brighton Dwinnell - Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

Ariana Braddom - Vocals

Jeff Bolte - Keyboard, Percussion, Mixing

Britton Hibbard - Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Brooks Alexander - Guitar, Whistle

Jacob Frisch - Guitar, Vocals

Wellington James - Guitar, Vocals, Drums

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